About Company

About Us

EASTKING STEEL (GUANGDONG) CO.,LTD, is a leading more than ten years of production experience in carbon steel production, offering outstanding carbon steel products. We are committed to carbon steel coils, carbon steel plates, carbon steel pipes, carbon steel profiles, steel bars, galvanized steel coils, and galvanized steel sheets.

We take pride in our monthly carbon steel production capacity of over 100,000 tons, ensuring we meet the demands of your large-scale projects. Our products find wide applications in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and various other sectors, catering to diverse usage scenarios and supporting your projects comprehensively.

Visionary Foundations, Enduring Commitments

We are committed to building long-term and robust relationships with customers and partners, collectively driving the development of the carbon steel industry. Our main market distributes in Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, etc. Welcome all customers to visit Eastking Steel and discuss cooperation.

With years of experience in carbon steel production, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of industry technologies and processes, providing you with high-quality carbon steel products.This allows us to meet the diverse needs and exacting standards of our customers.

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to creating a bright future together!

Our advantage

Unrivaled Excellence, Endless Possibilities

Versatile Portfolio: From carbon steel coils to galvanized steel plates, our comprehensive product range offers versatile solutions, empowering industries with top-quality materials for diverse applications and projects.

Precision Engineering:

Our carbon steel coils and plates boast unparalleled precision, ensuring dimensional accuracy crucial for seamless integration into diverse applications.

Sustainable Strength:

With a focus on environmental responsibility, our galvanized steel coils and sheets provide lasting durability while minimizing ecological impact.

Our advantage

Factory Strength

Elevate your projects with the strength of our carbon steel coils, plates, pipes, profiles, and galvanized marvels. Unleash durability, precision, and excellence in every product – choose a legacy of reliability.

Our advantage

Why Choose Us

Forge Success with Our Signature Steel Solutions: From Coils to Plates, Pipes to Profiles, We Define Durability and Precision. Empower Your Vision – Choose the Future, Choose our company.”

Versatility and Precision

Our carbon steel products offer versatile solutions and impeccable precision, ensuring seamless integration into diverse applications.

Galvanized Excellence

Unrivaled durability in our galvanized steel coils and sheets, providing superior corrosion resistance for extended product life.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are committed to understanding and exceeding customer expectations, providing tailored solutions, timely delivery and responsive support services