20# GB8162-2018 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe ASTM A106 API 5L GB steel Pipe 

20# ASTM A106 API 5L GB Seamless Steel Pipe

Material 20#
Technique Hot Rolled
Type Steel Pipe
Thickness Sch40/ 80/ 120/ 160
Diameter 10-1500mm,or at customized Size
Length 5-20M
Sample Sample Freely
Packaging Standard seaworthy packaging or as required
Payment T/T ; L/C ;

Product Introduction

20# seamless steel pipe is made of 20# steel, with slightly higher strength than 15#, little quenching, and no temper brittleness. It has high cold deformation plasticity and is generally used for bending, rolling, flanging and hammer arching. It has good welding performance in arc welding and contact welding. The thickness is small during gas welding and cracks are prone to occur on parts with strict appearance requirements or complex shapes. The cold drawn or normalized state has better machinability than the annealed state, and is generally used to manufacture workpieces with low stress and high toughness requirements.

20# seamless steel pipe is widely used in petrochemical and other industries due to its excellent performance and affordable price. 20#. There are national standard high-pressure fertilization equipment such as seamless steel pipes for fluid transportation (GB/T8163-2008), seamless steel pipes for low- and medium-pressure boilers (GB3087-2008), seamless steel pipes for petroleum cracking (GB9948-2013), and seamless steel pipes. Use (GB6479-2013).

20# seamless steel pipe has several advantages for transporting fluids or gases:

1.High Strength: 20# seamless steel pipe is made of high-strength 20# steel, allowing it to withstand high pressure during fluid or gas transportation.

2.Seamless Construction: Its seamless design reduces the risk of leaks, enhancing safety during transportation.

3.Corrosion Resistance: It exhibits good resistance to corrosion in most environments, making it suitable for various fluid or gas transport applications.

4.Excellent Connection Performance: 20# seamless steel pipe can be easily connected using various methods like welding or threading, ensuring secure and leak-free joints.

5.Versatility: It is adaptable to different working environments and temperature conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of fluid or gas transportation needs.

20# Steel Pipe Chemical Property


















20# Steel Pipe Mechanical Properties:

Minimum yield strength, N/mm2, not less

Ultimate tensile strength, N/mm2, not less

Minimum elongation ratio, %, not less

Contraction ratio, %, not less





Why choose us?

1)High-quality materials:
Our steel pipes are made of high-quality materials, such as 20# seamless steel pipes, etc., which have high strength, good plasticity and toughness, and are suitable for a variety of engineering and industry needs.

2)Various specifications:
We can provide a variety of specifications and size options to meet the needs of different customers, including customization in diameter, wall thickness, etc.

3)Strict quality control:
We strictly control the quality of steel pipes, including raw material selection, production technology, product inspection and other links, to ensure that products meet standards and customer requirements.

4)Good service:
We provide 100% after-sales service to meet customers’ needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships

5)Wide range of applications:Our steel pipes are suitable for a wide range of fields, such as construction, bridges, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, etc.

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