Hot dipped JIS ASTM DX52D DC52D galvanized steel coil for Roofing

DX52D+Z hot dipped galvanized steel coil

Material DX51D/DX52D/DX53D/SPCC/SCH340…
Technique Cold colled, Hot rolled
Zinc coating 60g/m²-300g/m²
Width 1000mm/1219mm/1240mm/1500mm/2000mm or as customer’s requirements
Thickness 0.2-5.0 mm
Spangle Type Zero Spangle / Small spangle / Middle spangle / Large spangle
Packaging Standard seaworthy packaging or as required
Payment  T/T ; L/C

Product Introduction

1.DX52D+Z galvanized steel coils is a steel plate material treated by galvanized. It has a thin and uniform zinc layer on its surface. This zinc layer can effectively protect the steel plate from corrosion and oxidation. In addition, DX52D+Z galvanized steel coils also has good processing performance and welding performance, which can meet various construction processing and construction needs
2.Definition: Galvanized plate refers to a steel plate plated on the surface. Galvanizing is a frequent economic and effective anti -corrosion method, and about half of the world’s zinc production is used for this process.
3.According to production and processing methods, it can be divided into the following categories:
① Hot soaking galvanized steel plate. Immersed the thin steel plate into the melted zinc groove to make a thin steel plate with a layer of zinc. At present, continuous galvanized process is mainly produced, that is, the rolls of steel plates are continuously immersed in a zinc groove with zinc -galvanized steel plate;
② Alloy galvanized steel plate. This steel plate is also manufactured by heat immersion, but after the groove is out, it immediately heated it to about 500 ° C to generate a zinc and iron alloy film. This galvanized plate has good coatings and weldability;
③ Electro -galvanized steel plate. Making such galvanized steel plates with electroplating has good processingability. However, the plating is thinner, and the corrosion resistance is not as good as the hot immersion method;
④ Single -side plating and double -sided galvanized steel plate. A single -sided galvanized steel plate, which is only galvanized products on one side. In terms of welding, coating, rust -proof treatment, processing, etc., it has better adaptability than double -sided galvanized plates. In order to overcome the disadvantages of single -sided unspolling zinc, there is another kind of galvanized plate with thin layer zinc on another, that is, the double -sided galvanized plate;
⑤ Alloy and composite galvanized steel plate. It is a steel plate made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc, etc. This steel plate has good coating performance;

The advantages and disadvantages of DX52D+Z galvanized steel coils:

1. Advantages
(1) Strong corrosion resistance: DX52D+Z galvanized plate roll has a long service life and can effectively resist corrosion and oxidation.
(2) Good processing performance: DX52D+Z -galvanized plate roll has good processing performance and can meet various construction processing and construction needs.
(3) Good welding performance: DX52D+Z -galvanized plate roll has good welding performance and can easily perform various welding operations.

2. Disadvantages
(1) High prices: Compared with ordinary steel, DX52D+Z -galvanized plate rolls are higher and require higher manufacturing costs.

(2) Impact on the environment: During the production process, DX52D+Z galvanized plate rolls need to consume a lot of energy and resources, which has a certain impact on the environment.

Product Introduction


The main purpose of the DX51D galvanized steel coils:
1.Architectural structure: Galvanized steel rolls are widely used in the construction field. It can replace traditional steel concrete structures to build buildings such as large span bridges, high -rise buildings, and factory buildings. Galvanized steel rolls have good seismic resistance and bearing capacity, which can improve the safety and stability of the building.
2.Electrical Equipment: Galvanized steel rolls are also one of the common materials in the electrical industry. High anticorrosive performance and strength of galvanized steel rolls can ensure the safety and stability of electrical equipment. At the same time, galvanized steel rolls can also be treated on the surface, such as static spraying, electroplating, etc.
3.Automobile manufacturing: Galvanized steel rolls are also one of the important materials in the automobile manufacturing industry
4.Petrochemical: Galvanized steel rolls are also widely used in the petrochemical industry. It can be used to make various storage, pipelines, brackets and other components.

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