Q345B ASTM A572 Gr.50 U-shaped channel beam Eastking steel for building structure

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Material Q195 S235 S355 SS400 ASTMA36 Q235
Technique Cold colled, Hot rolled
Shape C section shape ,U section shape, Z section shape
Size b=10mm – 80mm
a=5mm – 25mm
h=15mm – 350mm
t=0.3mm – 10mm
Length 3m, or as required
Sample Sample Freely
Packaging Standard seaworthy packaging or as required
Payment  T/T ; L/C

Product Introduction:

1.U-channel steel material: Q235A/B/C/D/E, SS400, SS540, A3, 16MN, Q345A/B/C/D/E, Q390B/C/D/E, Q420B/D/D/E, Q460B /C/d/e, 20# etc.,

2.The U-channel steel is a common slot steel profile. The cross -section shape is U -shaped, and the edges on both sides are parallel. U-channel has characteristics:
1)Strong rigidity: The U-channel steel is made of high -strength steel, which has a high bending stiffness and bearing capacity.
2)Highly customized: The U-channel can be customized by different engineering requirements, such as customization of length, thickness, width and other aspects. This enables the TheU-channel to meet the requirements of different engineering environments.

3.There are several main types of manufacturing materials for U-channel:
1) Carbon steel: Carbon steel is a commonly used material for making U-channel. It has good hardness and toughness and is suitable for general engineering applications.
2) Stainless steel: Stainless steel U-channel have good corrosion resistance and are suitable for special areas such as marine environment and food processing.
3)Aluminum alloy: aluminum alloy U-channel has light, high strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for light structures in certain special fields.

Chemical Composition:

ModelQuality LevelChemical Composition a.b(Quality Score)/%
ModelQuality LevelCSiMnPSNbVTiCrNiCuNMoBAia
ModelQuality LevelCSiMn


The main purpose of the U-shaped beam:

  1. Architectural structure: U-shapedbeam are commonly used in building structures as load -bearing components, such as columns and beams.
  2. Transportation: U-shapedbeam is commonly used in the transportation field of railways, highways, and is used to manufacture orbit, bridge and other facilities.
  3. Mechanical manufacturing: U-shapedbeam can be used for assembly, support and fixing in mechanical manufacturing.
  4. Other uses: U-shapedbeam are also widely used in power equipment, cable brackets, automotive components and other fields.

Classification By Size:

The size parameters of the U -Beam steel

  1. Dimensions: The shape size of the U -Beam steel includes the width of the upper and lower sides and the thickness of the bottom surface. The width refers to the distance between the two sides of theU -Beam steel, and the common width is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc. The thickness of the bottom surface is generally 6mm to 15mm.
  2. Internal size: The internal size of the U -Beam steel determines its carrying capacity and scope of application. Common parameters of internal size are: upper, lower width and height. The distance between the upper width finger on both sides is parallel, and the common values are 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, etc.; The lower width also refers to the parallel distance inside the two sides. The common value is the same as the upper width. There are 10mm, 15mm, etc.
  3. Thickness: The thickness of the U -Beam steel refers to the thickness of the bottom surface. The common values are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.

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