Top 10 Carbon Steel Pipe Suppliers in the United States

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The skeleton of carbon steel pipes is the base and foundation of many construction, energy, and manufacturing industries for modern infrastructure and manufacturing supremacy. Quality and reliability of great repute, carbon steel pipes inevitably stamp the bulk of the fabric on these composite materials housing the industrial process lifeblood, from water to gases and oil. Seeing the paramount importance of such composite materials in the role of the American industry, the focus turns to the leading Carbon Steel Pipe Suppliers in the United States, whose product lines stand at the top of the arterial system in the nation’s industry.

In searching for the most laudable suppliers, there must be a bunch of considerations. A supplier must have a highly diversified range of products of excellent quality besides paying attention to whether customer service and after-sales support are at par with the high standards demanded by the industrial sector. Innovation is most important. As the technological world keeps changing, only those suppliers responsible for creating avant-garde advances that further change this industry will lead the United States in the world market.

Criteria for Ranking the Top Suppliers

The backbone of America’s industrial might is forged with not just steel but also the promise of quality and dependability proudly hitched on. So, a few criteria played a very important role in determining the pecking order of the best carbon steel pipe suppliers.

Here is where the product range and priority number one, quality products, is located. It is where the top supplier, who can be early in servicing and quality, divides the diversified grades and sizes and efficiently services three different sectors in the country: oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing.

The third inquiry contains information about the grade, including complete information regarding the base material of the product grade, its resistance to corrosion and pressure, and whether it follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Another pillar would be customer service. Established service providers have proven to be very responsive and offer their customers excellent pre-sales consulting and after-sales support at length. The ease of doing business with them, and friendly online interfaces to order, and track are very impressive to their customers, making it easy to be loyal to such service providers.

1. American Piping Products, Inc.

American Piping Products, Inc. is, in many ways, a wonder emporium of every type of piping and tubing needed to erect whatever it plans to put up. It has more than 60,000 tons of inventory on hand, which helps ensure the product will be on its way just as quickly as an order is placed. This includes everything, from carbon and stainless steel pipes to chrome moly pipes that are phenomenally strong and used in gadget power plants and oil fields.

They also offer many other products like fittings and flanges, so it’s like a one-stop shop for piping needs​​​​​​. They’ve been here since 1994, so they know a thing or two because they have seen one or two. Speaking of handy, they are also efficient in delivering to you. These are handy specs for project locations around the world.

2. Pennsylvania Steel Company

Pennsylvania Steel Company, Inc. holds such ability that it is worthwhile to mention that they have been here since circa 1972. First, they were little minnows with a puny warehouse and a few trucks. But today, look, just how much they have grown, with eight different places to stash our stuff in the northeastern United States. Some things you are proud of can get what you need—fast, sometimes as fast as the next day if necessary.

They stand head and shoulders above the rest in all categories of different metals. You are never too far from materials such as aluminium, carbon and alloy steel, cold-finished bars, or even tool steel; they have everything to ensure you are all catered for. They provide all kinds of stuff, from custom extrusions to a full complement of services that will put exactly what you want into your hands.

3. Eastking Steel

Eastking Steel (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.: Eastking Steel (Guangdong) Co., Ltd manufactures more than 100,000 tons of Carbon Steel monthly and has an experience of over 25 Years at Foshan, Guangdong, which is the place most noticeable in the manufacture of steel articles within the People’s Republic of China.

The company deals with the bulk lot of construction materials, manufacturing, and transport; and a great variety of steel materials, like carbon steel coils, plates and pipes, and many other profiles. “We have the high-quality standard goals in terms of company, customer satisfaction, innovation and maintenance along with environment protection in our methods,” argues the company.

4. Precision Welding & Fabrication

Precision Welding & Fabrication, which started modestly in 1977 with a welding shop, has grown to be a big business and market leader in Maine by devising a niche in the fabrication of structural and miscellaneous metals. They have also developed a name by paying great attention to quality and being very particular with their on-time commitments.

They handle a huge number of projects, ranging from big retailer projects like Target and Whole Foods to government entities of the State of Maine, such as NHDOT, industrial giants like Corning and EcoMaine, and even educational institutions like the University of Maine and Bates College.

5. Industrial Metal Supply

Situated in the high-ground commerce network within Riverside, Sun Valley, Orange County, or San Diego, Phoenix Industrial Metal Supply (IMS) is one of the largest industrial metal suppliers, according to the company’s asset base. It trades in a variety of metal materials, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and specialty metal materials. It supplies most industries and special projects throughout the country.

Over the years, the company has grown into a “full-line” metal distribution company as the reach and inventory and the customers’ needs expanded.

Industries regularly served include land and naval defence to petroleum and chemical processing. Their inventory includes almost every type of metal from alloys to simple, raw forms. Most of their structural metal types are available in various shapes and sizes.

6. Richards Pipe & Steel, Inc.

Richards Pipe & Steel, Inc. was started in 1989 with a family-owned operation, stressing every job requirement as instilled in them by their customers. Their combined experience level now amounts to more than 75 years in business. This outstanding level of knowledge provides for each order to be handled professionally and timely—no order is too small.

Anything from there, the company serves a diverse number of projects through the comprehensive line of carbon steel pipe products it sells. They fabricate and distribute in the U.S. and worldwide in an extensive lineup of specs, from ASTM A-252-2, ASTM A252-3, through ASTM A53-A, ASTM A-53-B, ASTM A106-B, and API 5L Grade B, just to name only a few. The bedrock of a product line this expansive involves everything from ERW straight seam and DSAW straight seam pipes to carbon steel H-pile and hot-rolled sheet pile.

7. Allied Supply Company, Inc.

Allied Supply Company, Inc. is one of the major key players, whose labour of love has been indispensable for the growth of the HVACR industry ever since its established firm back in 1935 by John Homan. It has continued and remains up to date, a family-owned business, this time only with the children of John manning the businesses to ensure that the tradition of excellent customer service and delivery of quality products is brought.

The six stores to be exclusively for contractor and user repair, service, and maintenance are installed in its retail facilities in Ohio, eastern Indiana, southern Michigan, and northern Kentucky.

8. Federal Steel Supply

Federal Steel Supply has remained instrumental in relative services to steel communities since it was established. In the year 1979 founded by Dan Smith, Brian Shinkle, and Vern Smith were much cherished. At first, their vision was to serve industrial markets with specified hard-walled pipe sizes attributed to rare value-added services.

This started as an original concentration in power generation but has, over time, grown to service oil and gas, with continuous diversity in shipbuilding, manufacturing, compressors, pumps, and valves, amongst many other markets.

9. North Shore Steel

North Shore Steel Originally established in 1955, North Shore Steel remains an experienced player in the contribution of steel and metal products and services that have resiliently stood the test of time for close to 70 years now and are even foreseeing the future with great resolve that it shall be resiliently stood and served. From once a mere salvage company, revolutionizing into a top-of-the-line metal service centre with a design for your satisfaction by extending a complete line of structural steel products and first-rate processing services.

10. Weiler Pipe LLC.

Weiler Pipe LLC. Weiler Pipe, LLC was formed in 2006 to bring more than 50 years of combined experience of industrial carbon steel pipe to the market. To offer such quality, Weiler Pipe has solidified and maintained the chain of relationships with manufacturers worldwide, which no doubt makes them the firm you should always turn to for X-Grades and standard pipes. Weiler Pipe offers a range of diversity, which comes under ERW, DSAW, and SMLS pipes and has many others in structural applications like water wells, offshore, pipeline oil, or gas transportation markets.


In conclusion, the top 10 carbon steel pipe suppliers in the United States embody the core of American industrial strength, catering to many sectors with unwavering quality and innovation. These suppliers excel in offering a wide range of high-grade products backed by exceptional customer service and forward-thinking practices that include sustainability. Each company contributes uniquely to the industry’s landscape, from American Piping Products’ vast inventory to Eastking Steel’s specialised offerings. Their commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, and technological advancement secures their position at the forefront, driving the nation’s industrial prowess into a future of efficiency and sustainability.

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